Tour dates

Future engagements including seminars, conference talks, posters, and outreach events. Hope to see you there!

Who What When Where
Rachel Penczykowski Talk; SYMP 4: “Crossing the Taxonomic Divide in Disease Ecology” 8-11:30am Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2019 ESA Annual Meeting, Louisville, KY
Philippa Tanford Talk; OOS 20: “Microbes and Plant Invasions: Breaking Open the Black Box” 4-4:20pm Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019 ESA Annual Meeting, Louisville, KY
Rachel Penczykowski Invited talk; Wild Plant Pathosystems Conference Sept. 16-19, 2019 Frankfurt, Germany
Rachel Penczykowski Invited seminar Oct. 23, 2019 University of Pittsburgh
Rachel Penczykowski Invited seminar Nov. 6, 2019 Purdue University