Tour dates

Future engagements including seminars, conference talks, posters, and outreach events. Hope to see you there!

Quinn FoxThesis Defense3/27/2023WashU Biology
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar3/30/2023Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics, Penn State
Whole LabCommunity Outreach5/2/2023UCity Growing Together Food Garden Network kick-off event

Past engagements:

Kaylee ArnoldSeminar2/2023WashU LEC/EEB Seminar Series
Cheyenne Anderson & Rachel PenczykowskiCommunity Outreach11/2022UCity STEAM Expo
Mahal BugayTalk10/2022mDivE-STL symposium (St. Louis Zoo)
Quinn FoxPoster06/2022EEID (Emory University)
Cheyenne Anderson, Mahal Bugay, Quinn Fox, Philippa Tanford, & Rachel PenczykowskiCommunity Outreach05/2022UCity Growing Together Food Garden Network kick-off event (Brittany Woods Middle School, University City, Missouri)
Quinn FoxSeminar11/2021Truman State University
Rachel PenczykowskiINS 8: “Infectious Lessons: Teaching Disease Ecology” (19021)08/2021Ecological Society of America Annual meeting (Zoom)
Quinn FoxPoster07/2021EEID (Montpellier, France, via Zoom)
Armando Sanchez-CondePoster04/2021WashU Undergraduate Research Symposium
Michelle PollowitzPoster04/2021WashU Undergraduate Research Symposium
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar04/2021Disease Evolutionary Ecology Group, Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries (IGB; Berlin, Germany, via Zoom)
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar03/2021University of Maryland (Zoom)
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar03/2021University of Missouri – St. Louis (Zoom)
Rachel PenczykowskiTalk (American Society of Naturalists Vice Presidential Symposium)01/2021Virtual Asilomar (Zoom)
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar10/2020WashU Biology (Zoom)
Mahal BugayPoster08/2020Ecological Society of America Annual meeting (Zoom)
Quinn FoxPoster08/2020Ecological Society of America Annual meeting (Zoom)
Philippa TanfordPoster08/2020Ecological Society of America Annual meeting (Zoom)
Rachel PenczykowskiTalk07/2020UC Berkeley EEID Seminar (Zoom)
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar11/2019Purdue University
Austin ChenPoster11/2019WashU Undergraduate Research Symposium
Elly GrantPoster11/2019WashU Undergraduate Research Symposium
Kate PoguePoster11/2019WashU Undergraduate Research Symposium
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar10/2019University of Pittsburgh
Rachel PenczykowskiTalk09/2019Wild Plant Pathosystems meeting (Frankfurt, Germany)
Mahal Bugay, Quinn Fox, & Rachel PenczykowskiCommunity Outreach: “Market Fresh Science”09/2019Ferguson Farmers Market (Ferguson, Missouri)
Philippa TanfordTalk08/2019Ecological Society of America Annual meeting
Rachel PenczykowskiTalk08/2019Ecological Society of America Annual meeting
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar02/2019St. Louis University
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar11/2018Donald Danforth Plant Science Center (St. Louis, Missouri)
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar11/2018Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville
Arjun PuriPoster10/2018WashU Undergraduate Research Symposium
Rachel PenczykowskiSeminar03/2018University of Nebraska
Rachel PenczykowskiTalk02/2018WashU Biology Bioforum
Rachel PenczykowskiTalk09/2017St. Louis Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation (SLEEC) Annual Retreat